Steve & Albion have supplied, worked  and consulted on the following films and projects:

Braveheart: Sole Archery supplier, archery consultant.

Gladiator: Archery Instructor, Actor & sole archery supplier.                               

Kingdom of Heaven: Archery Instructor & sole archery supplier.                         

Prince of Thieves:  Archery Supplier.          

Robin Hood: 2010: Archery Instructor, sole archery supplier..                                                                         

Robin Hood 2018: Longbow Instructor & archery supplier.                                         

Assassins Creed:  Archery Instructor & Hero archery supplier

Timeline: Archery Instructor & sole archery supplier.

Game of Thrones: Costume Armourer, supplier, archery consultant

An almost up to date list can be found here:

Steve Ralphs
Albion Archery Hire & Retail